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We have created a new way for clients to easily experience our fragrances. We now offer "soy wax melts". You can either melt them down in a small wax warmer to really experience the fragrance, or you can simply smell the wax. 


Our small owl warmer is the perfect size for one wax melt and provides a good deal of fragrance in a small space. 



    A blend of the highest quality natural and safe synthetic ingredients that are always cruelty-free.

    -No parabens

    -No phthalates

    -No formaldehyde

    -No dyes

    -No Prop 65 warning required


  • Place wax melt in the warmer, plug it in and turn it on, in a few minutes the fragrance will begin to be noticable. When not in use, turn the warmer off. 

    Please use as directed. Keep away from children and pets. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and mouth. Wax will be very hot, exercise caution.