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Sanguinello is a variety of blood orange found in the southern Mediterranean. The flesh of this orange is a very deep red and is delightfully sweet. Our Sanguinello candle reflects the deep sweetness of the fruit and is paired with the bold aroma of raw cinnamon and natural honeycomb. This warm and beautiful fragrance is grounded with vanilla and cedarwood. Take a stroll through a mederterranean orange grove, if only in your mind.


Contains essential oils of dipteryx odorata seed extract, artemisia herba-alba leaf oil, artemisia pallens flower oil, cinnamomum bark, orange peel, tangerine leaf, tangerine peel oil, orange fruit extract, orange peel extract, eucalyptus globulus leaf, clove bud oil, sunflower seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, tagetes minuta flower oil, and ginger root oil.