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Sea Star Horse Sanctuary

Sea Star Horse Sanctuary

Introducing the Sea Star
Horse Sanctuary Candle!

All proceeds of the sale of this candle
go toward supporting this wonderful cause.

Sea Sea Star Horse Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Carmel, California that is dedicated to providing exceptional care, and lifetime sanctuary to abused, abandoned and neglected horses. All rescued horses receive the best of care and management throughout the remaining years of their lives. 


Sea Star seeks to improve the quality of life for the horses by providing specialized nutrition, natural training, connection based grooming techniques and holistic care. They believe in nurturing the body, mind and soul of each horse in their loving care. They respect and honor the essence of the equine spirit.

Sea Star Horse Sanctuary

"You can almost imagine yourself on a sunny day, standing in the serene pastures with the herd, looking out to Point Lobos and the Pacific Ocean. This fragrance is playful, spirited and soulful, just like the horses themselves!"

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