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Essence Stones

What are
Essence Stones

A revolution in home fragrance...

Essence stones scattered alongside Essence Stones container, which is black with a white label.

Made with naturally eco-friendly ceramic, our Essence Stones (TM) are infused with our exquisite, clean fragrance oils.


Essence Stones are perfect for use in scent sachets, or for diffusion in cars or drawers, as well as for decorative use. Essence Stones provide an elegant way to safely scent a room when you are unable to burn a candle.


While the stones do emit a very gentle level of fragrance on their own when they are paired with our warmer the fragrance level is quite strong.


The fragrance will last for about one month when used daily.


We offer "Renewal Oils" to refresh your Essence Stones and keep the scent strong for months to come. 

Essence Stones
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