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  • How do I trim my wick?
    You will want to trim your wick every time before you light your candle. In order to do this either use one of our wick trimming scissors, or a pair of nail trimmers to remove the burnt end of the wick. Make sure that 1/8" of the wick remains. Them you may light your candle and enjoy!
  • Why is my candle flame too small?
    At times your wooden wick candle may appear to be drowning in wax. It may be that the wick was cut too short, ( more than 1/8"). If this happens, blow out the candle and let it solidify. Then take a sheet of aluminum foil and wrap it around the candle
  • Why is my candle flame too high?
    Your candle flame may be to large if the wick has not been trimmed to 1/8".
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